Reckless Lending South Africa

In South Africa, reckless lending has been going on right under our noses for a very long time. Violations against consumer rights are rampant in our country today. Sadly, we have only just begun to better understand and address the pandemic of reckless lending in South Africa.

Some of the reckless lenders referred to the Tribunal by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) in South Africa include African Bank, Lewis Stores, Capitec, JD Group, Absa, Wonga and many more.

As more and more people see less and less of their income on a monthly basis, a clear pattern of abuse emerges. The poor cannot afford to repay the credit they are being granted and, thus, suffer terribly due to reckless lending.

If you are suffering due to reckless credit granting, please send us your details for a call. So we can help you get these reckless credit loans written off – whether you live in Johannesburg, Durban , Cape Town or anywhere else within the country.