It is not advisable to allow debt to lie dormant long enough to claim prescription. However, if you feel that certain debts should be prescribed, here is how to remove prescribed debt from your credit record: The first thing that you should do is pull a credit report. You have the right to one free credit report every year, and this can be obtained from TransUnion or Experian. The credit report will give you an indication of the current situation on your debt.

Once you have received a credit report, you can contact the credit provider and request proof that they have taken the relevant steps to prevent prescription. It is important that you let them know that your enquiry is not an acknowledgment of the debt, and that you feel that the debt should not exist. If the credit provider cannot provide any proof of trying to contact you within three years with regards to your debt, the debt should be written off.

If your prescribed debt had not been removed from your credit record, you can log a dispute with the credit bureaus informing them that you have debt that has – in your opinion – prescribed and the record should be removed. You can contact TransUnion, Experian, XDS or Compuscan.

Credit bureaus will generally have the debt removed from your record within 20 days. However, if the debt remains on your credit record after the 20 days, you can approach the Credit Ombudsman by calling 0861 662 837.