While this is tricky to say the least, as any prescription of debt can be, how do I claim prescription as a defense?

In a situation where acknowledging your debt or paying into your debt amount makes it valid again, this is the elephant in the room in a sense. You know you can claim it, but saying you know which debt they refer to is acknowledgement of it. Well luckily we have an option best suited to a neutral and non-aggravating process.

If called by a debt collector or creditor and asked about debt, never just say yes or that you know about it. If you think it is the prescribed debt which they refer to, simply point to the fact that any prescribed debt has been written off and is therefore un-payable. As it is unlawful to try and claim prescribed debt, so you must simply say just that.

There are interruptions that halt the process, meaning prescription may not take place, but as long as you follow the rules any prescribed debt can be requested to be removed from your record. This can often fall into the boundaries of reckless lending.