Reckless Lending Johannesburg

As the biggest city in South Africa, you will of course find many victims of reckless lending in Johannesburg. It’s easy to get into debt in Johannesburg, with places to splash money around like Montecasino, Carlton Centre and the Oriental Plaza.

But, it’s the duty of the lender to ensure that you understand the credit contract and how much you will be paying on a monthly basis. You should also be told exactly how much interest you will be charged. Moreover, you should know what will happen if you don’t make your payments.

Consumers are deemed over-indebted when they don’t earn enough to make their monthly debt payments, let alone take care of themselves. What National Debt Advisors does is assess your finances and accounts for over-indebtedness and reckless lending.

If you have become over-indebted due to a reckless credit agreement, we can have it written off. This means you won’t have to pay it back. Whether you live in Johannesburg, Cape Town or anywhere else within South Africa, we can give you a call today to discuss your options.