Reckless Lending Bloemfontein

We offer assistance with reckless lending not only to the residents of Bloemfontein, but all South Africans. Reckless lending is a countrywide pandemic and Bloemfontein is no exception. There are many residents in this city who have become over-indebted as a result of predatory lending practices.

Throughout the years, we have found that many borrowers take out credit just so they can live the high life at places like Windmill Casino & Entertainment Centre, Gallery on Leviseur and Loch Logan Waterfront.  Meanwhile, they should not have been granted the credit in the first place!

We will assess your credit agreements to see if unscrupulous creditors have violated the National Credit Act. If we determine that any of your credit agreements are reckless, we will take the matter to court in order to have the debt written off.

Contact us for help if you live in Bloemfontein and feel you have been treated unfairly by credit providers.